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Hack Any Password Protected Wifi Network

Hack Any Password Protected Wifi Network

Internet connection has become a basic would like in our advanced fashionable lives. one or two of networks like wired and wireless are used thus as build use of net within the best method. Wireless networks became most typical at workplaces for business and home-based works. Usage of wireless networks is strong and at a similar time it's not extremely secured. Hacking wireless networks is comparatively straightforward compared to wired networks. several Hacking tools, software package and techniques are employed by several hackers that crack a high secured Wi-Fi Network.

Most of the folks area unit greatly curious about hacking the Wi-Fi networks, however it's going to not be for outlaw activities. sturdy coding techniques are developed so as to secure Wi-Fi networks. There area unit differing types of coding from that 3 basic security coding area unit most typical.


Before cracking a Wi- Fi network, you need to bear in mind of basic coding techniques that shield a Wi-Fi network. These 3 ways of coding area unit the main sources of vulnerability related to wireless networks. the various forms of Wireless coding Security techniques embrace the following:

WEP: WEP is Wired Equivalent Privacy which will be cracked simply once organized befittingly. This methodology of coding will be cracked among jiffy.

WPA: WPA is Wi-Fi Protected Access that has sturdy security. Even then, there's risk to crack if the Wi-Fi positive identification if short. However, wireless networks will be hacked simply victimisation numerous tools.

WPA2: WPA2 is Wi-Fi Protected Access a pair of that conjointly eventually provides high security. you'll be able to hack this methodology of Wi-Fi coding at the time of packet generation from Wi-Fi access points.

HACK Wi-Fi Network mistreatment Wifite

Wifite may be a Linux-based platform tool that's offered on variant operative Systems like Kali, turn back five, BlackBuntu, BackBox and Pentoo. Wifite is largely accustomed attack multiple encrypted networks (WEP, WPA/2 and WPS) in a very row that's custom-built to be automatic with solely a number of arguments. Wifite may be a wireless auditing tool that aims to be the “set it and forget it” methodology of hacking.

How to read offered Access Points?

  • As you're mistreatment UNIX system software system, at the start attend Application.
  • Now attend Kali UNIX system > Wireless Attacks > 802.11 wireless tools > Wifite.

  • If you're unable to look at Wifite then merely sort ‘wifite’ in Terminal.
  • Here, you'll see List of accessible Wi-Fi Access Points. (you should be root).
  • Wait for few seconds so as to note close Wi-Fi points like WEP, WPA/WPA2.

Steps to Hack WEP encoding based mostly Wi-Fi Network

Hacking a Wi-Fi network that uses WEP security encoding is comparatively terribly simple when put next to different encoding strategies. whereas mistreatment this Wifite tool, you want to follow easy steps as given below:

  • Just select the suitable target NUM (1,2,3,..,n) so as to crack it.
  • Hacking a WEP key that ensures 100% potentialities of cracking the WEP local area network countersign that presently uses five attacks.
  • Make sure that the attack is completed at intervals ten minutes.
  • You need not worry if one WEP local area network attack fails, the opposite can get action mechanically for succeeding ten minutes.
  • You can select any attack. as an example, select NUM a pair of attack.
  • Within couple of minutes the WEP Wi-Fi network gets hacked.

  • You can see the WEP key that's gift within the on top of image. it's a positional notation system representation of WEP WiFi’s arcanum.
  • That WEP Key may be used because the Wi-Fi arcanum.
  • Later, you'll be able to conjointly convert the Wi-Fi arcanum into actual arcanum that's within the sort of human clear mode mistreatment on-line Hex-to-ASCII device.

Steps to Hack WPA Encryption based Wi-Fi Network

Hacking a Wi-Fi network that uses WPA security cryptography is small bit robust when put next to WEP as this is often extremely protected cryptography technique. this will even be hacked once the arcanum contains less variety of characters. It takes less time to hack a Wi-Fi network that uses short passwords. so as to hack this sort of Wi-Fi network you wish to use handshaking capture.

Handshake Capture:

Handshake could be a file that may be captured once Router (Wi-Fi Access Point) and client(s) (Laptop, Mobile or different Wi-Fi enabled devices) communicate to attest one another. you'll have a doubt that, “What is that the purpose of this handshaking file?” the most target is to hack Wi-Fi network i.e., password. This handshaking file contains of Wi-Fi arcanum however in encrypted kind.


As the arcanum is in encrypted kind, allow us to strive another arcanum combination on the encrypted arcanum to amass the initial arcanum. This method is thought as Brute Forcing that's done offline. By exploitation Brute-Forcing, the arcanum gift within the handshaking file are often captured simply inside couple of minutes.

Dictionary File:

In the below image, you'll be able to see lexicon that could be a file that contains all celebrated words from varied sources sometimes phrased as Wi-Fi arcanum.

  • As before long as you begin WPA handshaking capture, it displays a message as “Client Found”.
  • It generates a command exploitation handshaking capture (that contains password) as (TEST_C0-A0-BB-04-5C-A9.cap).
  • The on top of command cracks the arcanum file that has got to be saved at /root/DICTIONARY/.
  • Till now, you've got used 2 WPA attacks that ar completed with success.

  • You can see Key Found [Password 1] within the on top of image that displays the key and Transient key.
A arcanum file sometimes contains words that ar created exploitation combination of various characters, numbers and special symbols. A arcanum needs plenty of procedure power if it a robust arcanum as well as numbers and different special characters. The on top of WPA Wi-Fi Security cryptography got cracked simply due to straightforward arcanum. Suppose, if you're however coping with sturdy arcanum, it'd take a lot of hours to crack the arcanum.