Monday, May 14, 2018

Helping Your Child Overcome Video Game Addiction

Today can not be prevented again existence of super sophisticated gadget around us. Smartphones or tablets that children have sounded like a luxury, but the demands of the times to make us have to open and embrace children on any technological progress, do not let him left behind, do not get too difficult in the future, this is what makes the reason the parents facilitate gadgets for their children.

Without realizing the children become addicted to games, more than we expect, parents actually want their children not stutter tekhnologi, but that happens often even a fatal thing experienced, the child already falling into the wrong games. Do you have the wrong games? of course, there are a lot of computer games or android which again hits now it turned out to contain something that deviates and this is not necessarily realized by parents.

Helping Your Child Overcome Video Game Addiction

Not All Kids Games are Poor Quality

Not all games are bad, there are games that are very build for the development of children, one example is tetris, yes games old school is very good for the development of the human brain, the ability to arrange a simple beam can increase the brain and train sharpness. As long as it is put to good use, good games also have good benefits.

Kind of a Destructive Games Games

Here we emphasize to the parents to observe what kind of games are played by the child everyday. Although said to be games, but the fact is not all games are suitable for children. Note the following things that we often encounter in the games, if there are on the criteria games in your gadget, please remove it immediately.

  • Games with content containing adult elements
  • Games containing contempt for religion
  • Games that contain elements of violence
  • Games that insert a hidden message (only certain people who understand the purpose of the games.)

A childrens games game is not supposed to serve adult content in it, there is a games game that gives gifts of unusual things to the winner, this is the role of parents to watch it, in fact there are so many games 'naughty' that insert brain damage for children . Games that contain religious insults are also increasingly mushrooming. Especially for Muslims who are aware of the symbols of Islam, there are some parts of the games that slip the symbol to humiliate.

Some of the most popular games of which are wars and shootings, when in fact this indirectly instill in children about violence and problem solving with strength. Remember that our child is not a barbaric class that will have a clear-minded nature in life and rely solely on muscle.

Games also slipped something covert intent. Just as a writer makes a work, he must have inserted a message in his writing. So if the game kids games have a specific message? what is the intended message? This is what needs to be understood. Observe a child's games game, do not let the impact be embedded into the child's brain until he grew up.

The human brain constantly observes, records and imitates. if it happens to a child who is still very pure still can not distinguish what is good or bad is very fatal if imitated are negative things. The role of parents is very important, avoid children playing games without knowing the time. Also check out children's games games, if there is a dangerous thing, let's firmly eliminate the bad influence of our children.

Helping Your Child Overcome Video Game Addiction, I hope this article is useful for us. That is all and thank you.