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How to Hack a Private CCTV Camera

Now CCTV cameras are used in many places such as shops, malls, offices, warehouses and more. For security reasons and for more purposes. And in this article we share how to hack CCTV camera Private / Private CCTV Camera hacking. Many search on Google about how to hack this CCTV, but mostly just to hack CCTV Public only, here you will hack personal CCTV camera or Private CCTV.

Step 1: Download Angry Ip Scanner

Angry Ip scanners include 'powerful GUI Port Scanner' or very powerful in terms of port scanning. Angry Ip Scanner is available for all OS (Operating System).

Download Angry IP Scanner

Step 2: Define Range of Ip / Ip Range Addresses

It is important that how to choose the right ip address range to hack CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are connected with a broadband internet connection. If you are using broadband router access then find your public ip address. Just type 'My IP' in Google or Bing search bar. Google will display your public ip address.

Here is my public ip. So the ip range could be - or -

Step 3: Angry Configuration Ip scanner for hacking CCTV cameras

Open Angry Ip Scanner

Select the tools menu> Preferences> Ports | add port 80,8080,23.
Then Port 80,8080 and 23 this will be scanned later.

We need to add the Web Detect feature. Web detect can display brief details about the details of devices connected to the internet. as follows

- CCTV camera model name
- CCTV camera name
- Router name or router model name

To add web detect follow these steps

Select the Tools menu> Fetchers> add (<<) web detect

click OK

Step 4: Scanning Range of Ip / Ip range scanning

Enter the ip range on the Ip Range tab and click start

After the scanning process is complete you will find information on the detect web tab eg as example as follows

- RomPager / 4.07 UPnP / 1.0 ----- router
- uc-httpd 1.0.0 ----- CCTV camera
- DVRDVS-Webs ----- CCTV camera
- microhttpd ----- router
- Net ----- CCTV camera
- Hikvision-Webs ----- CCTV camera
- iBall-Baton ----- CCTV camera

Copy the IP address of the detected CCTV camera and paste it into the browser address bar then click enter.

Step 5: Login with Username and Password Default

Most CCTV cameras and routers for usernames and passwords are configured by default. example

Username: admin | password: admin
Username: admin | password: (empty password)
Username: admin | password: 12345
Username: admin | password: 9999

You can also search in google for the default username and password of the CCTV camera.

some CCTV cameras need a Plugin to appear, you can download it from that page. If the page does not find a plugin then open the site that provides the plugin and download it.

Step 6: Crack the password of CCTV camera Using Hydra
If the default password does not work then it is necessary to do crack / hack / hacking. Hydra is the best brute force tool capable of hacking this CCTV camera password.

Now run Kali (Kali Linux) you, open terminal and type ..

[root@siskom]# hydra -s 80 l admin -P /root/Desktop/wl/cctvpass.txt -e ns -t 16 targetIP http *

syntax of Hydra

-s 80 - specifies the port number
-l admin - the default login name admin
-P /root/desktop/worldlist.txt - Select your word list for brute force
-e --- empty password
ns --- tried to login with password and without password
http --- port name to attack

This method can hack the password and username of CCTV camera.

Important!!! This article is for educational purposes only. The purpose of this article is that how to secure our cctv camera using a very strong and complicated password. Do not use for crime.

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